Day 24

December 16th, 2007

Day 24 - Poor MarvI woke up this morning to a picture message from Marv. He doesn’t look so good. I was worried, I txt’d back to see how things went last night. All I really got out of him was he doesn’t like birmingham. Rough night Marv? His words, “No alcohol in this photo between me and u i feel a bit loco i certainly feels alone right now ohh why did order thalast round of crown”. Judging by the picture he sent, I looked like he got into a fight…

Day 24 - Erasing our minds…Later in the evening I did meet up with Marv, John, Liz, and others at Fintini’s for a friend Erin’s birthday. I talked to Marv again. He’s okay. He just drank a little to much, but then again he’s in this for the long haul. Day 24 - Anthony’ BeerMarv was ordering up shot after shot once again and was just hilarious to talk too! Moment of the night, Marv got stage fright when ordering his meal at Coney, to much man! Hahaha!Day 24 - Wine anybody?

Day 24 - Dave’s BeerUpdate:
Dave from Minnesota
In less than 1 week, Dave will be back in Michigan rejoining the rest of the group as the 34 Days of Christmas will come to an end. It will awesome to have him back here drinking with all of us. His picture from last night was tagged with this message, “First of many. happy 24”

Day 23

December 15th, 2007

Day 23 - Marv’s Beer PitcherLast night Marv had a work party where he started the day rather early. Marv sent us this pitcher of beer with the message, “Holiday party in full effect day 23 i think?!?!?” He then relocated himself out in Birmingham for continued drinking. Day 23 - Marv’s BeerHe joined some of his friends. He left us this message as well, “Sam adams winter ale buurr its cold out there”. Day 23 - Happy Neil!John and crew started off at Neil’s house for some predrinking and later met up with others at Wild Bill’s. John sent us this picture of Neil, happy as ever, his message, “happy day 23 to all and to all a good nite!”. Day 23 - Anthony’s BeerDay 23 - Anthony’s WineFor myself, I started with a glass of wine at dinner, then went out to Coyote Joe’s for my cousin Neil’s birthday. Day 23 - Coyote Joe’s Hotties!Coyote Joe’s is an awesome establishment full of just beautiful gorgeous women. Quite entertaining, if I may say! It was a rather good night.

Day 23 - Dave’s BeerUpdate: Dave from Minnesota

Don’t forget about the lone wolf West of us. He may stand solo in the 34DoC, but here he is once again, and his message, " on the 23rd day of christmas my true love gave to me…a beer &quot

Day 22

December 14th, 2007

Day 22 - Anthony’s DrinkSo last night John, Marv, Danielle, Dan, Daniella, and myself met up at Snooker’s to celebrate the 22. Conversation and drinks flowing throughout. Just another great day. Day 22 - John’s DrinkWe started discussing what we plan on doing with the 34 Days of Christmas for next year. And when all weeds out, its going to be really, really cool! We happen to try some crazy concotion that Snooker’s put together called a Feliz Navidad. Quite tasty if I may say. Night expired around midnight.

Day 22 - Feliz Navidad Shots Day 22 - Feliz Navidad Shots 2

Day 22 - Lindsay and NeilUpdate: Neil and Lindsay from Friday’s

Neil sent us this picture, with this thought to ponder: "at fridays w lindsay. is the foo foo drink mine or lindsays?? you be the judge"

Day 22 - Dave’s BeerUpdate: Dave from Minnesota

Dave sent us this picture, wishing, "happy deuce deuce".

Day 21

December 13th, 2007

Well yesterday was an interesting day. All grown up and 21. It was an interesting night, to say the least. Day 21 - John’s Beer Marv and John met up at Wild Bill’s to kick start the night. Marv went out to West Bloomfield and well John went home. I was out in Eastpointe discussing some business things and happen to get a phone call from my cousin whom wanted us to share a little insight on the 34 Days of Christmas. So what the hell, I called up the VicRock show and gave them some words. Click the play button below to take a listen to what was said.

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Also from what you heard in that call, I’ve set up the PayPal donations. You can find the button on the left navigation bar. We appreciate any amount you are willing to donate. Tis the season to giving! And we’ll make sure your gift will be well enjoyed during the 34 Days of Christmas!

As the night continued to get later Day 21 - Anthony’s Shot-o-Jager I ended up just driving home, after driving half way across town. Sat down, poured myself a nice shot of Jager, picked up my new magazine issue (which ironically says, “What happens in Vegas”, on the cover…haha) and took a shot. Strange to just take a shot alone, in the comfort of your own home, but this is the 34DoC, no stopping now!

Day 21 - Dave’s BeerUpdate: Dave from Minnesota
Dave, once again, sent us a photo with a message, “Happy 21 to all”

Day 21 - Neil mad at wineUpdate: Neil from home
Obviously Neil is mad at his wine, his words, “angry at white wine on day a million and a half”

Day 20

December 12th, 2007

Day 20 - Marv’s BeerIt’s funny because the night before (day 19) we were all sitting at Boston’s on Corona mondays discussing our upcoming weekend. We started slowly with just going snowboarding on Sunday and somehow it elevated to leaving Friday morning for Las Vegas. I looked up flights on my phone and Marv made phone calls to Northwest looking for the best deal we could get. We were so serious and adiment about it, I even budgeted my weekend. The idea extended even further to a point where we all were up late on our own little chat room discussing the Vegas idea in greater detail. Somehow Amanda was going to join in, with no money, and we were going to make the best of it for both circumstances. Haha. Then yesterday morning, we all woke up. Exchanging of text messages confirmed that we were probably a little out there with a completely spontaneous trip to Vegas, but by the rate this 34DoC has been going, I’m surprised actually that we’re not going!

Day 20 - Anthony and John’s DrinksAnyways last night I met up with John and Marv at the Brewery in Rochester. They had a cocktail at the Royal Park hotel, but by their words, it was lame. So after some Michigan brew and dip sampler tray we laughed once again to the thought of Vegas. We do plan on actually going, just not this weekend (or are we?). Haha, it still lingers. Day 20 - Jeff 4am DrunkThe night was rather young, for the 3 of us I may say, but for Neil and Jeff on the other hand, I received a text message at 4:02 am. Oh man. Judging by his message, he was drunk, "this is for tonight and last nigjt. rossssssies."

Day 20 - Dave’s BeerAnd yet once again, Dave comes through with his brew. He’s still out there on the other side of the lake in Minny, but he still enlightened us with this message, "Hammerin down the brews at the work xmas party.  happy 20". I’m glad to see that Dave is drinking with others, makes him look less of an alcoholic…lol, this thy season!

Day 19

December 11th, 2007

Being a teen can be fun, immature and fun. Sadly this is our last chance to be a teen for yesterday marked day 19. Day 19 - Corona MondaysThis doesn’t mean the fun and immaturity is going to end, oh no! It just means we’ve finally gotten a solid grasp on this thing, we know what fun is all about! I received a text message from John this morning, "Why does alcohol make everything seem like such a great idea?" This statement just struct me as one of the most honestly obvious and revealing statement. Truth be told, it brings out the best in a lot of us. Amazing, such a concept. These past 3 weeks (nearly) have been some of the best of times, what a great way to spend the holidays. Most years the holidays come and go so quickly and you never really get to feel the warmth and comfort of what the holiday season has to hold. The 34 Days of Christmas just made the holiday spirit more evident. However we come out of this, I’ll say it now, it was worth every moment.

For day 19, we spent it up at Boston’s for Corona Monday’s. There was a whole lot of us, it was good to see so many make it out. The drinking award of the night goes out to Danielle. She was just too funny.

Day 19 - Dave’s Beer and BurgersUpdate: Dave from Minnesota

Being a few hundred miles away has yet to slow down Dave. He has shown that regardless of distance, he’s here in spirit. "Burger and beers. meal of champions. happy 19", exact words from Dave, and Dave, that’s exactly what you are, a champion.

Day 19 - Amanda’s BeerUpdate: Amanda from Eastern

Amanda sent us this picture through the fog and haze and drunken splendidness, "Happy day 19."

Day 18

December 10th, 2007

Day 18 - Anthony’s WineAfter a long hard night marking the half way point, day 18 seem to get off to a slow start. I had my family Christmas party in which I have a glass of wine with my dinner. Later in the evening I joined Marv and John for what was to be a downtown Rochester bar crawl. Day 18 - Gus O’ConnorsWe began the night at Gus O’Connors, had our first drink and continued on to Mainstreet Billiards. It was here that we couldn’t have asked for a better night. It first seemed like the occasional bar night, grab a beer, relax, laugh about the past and dream about the future. It was then where we met a very interesting fellow who sat next to us. Day 18 - MainstreetMarv and the man spent a few minutes arguing the location of cities in SoCal, but then he proceeded to tell us about stories of the past. He told us atleast 3 stories that started off with, "Back in ’79…" or "Back in ’84…" and was hard not to chuckle. We also met his wife whom was with him. As the two of them were leaving Marv asked why she wears her wedding ring and he doesn’t, her response, "Not like it matters, who’s gonna take him?". What interestingly cool people. Day 18 - Shots!The three of us were going to try moving on with our bar crawl, but actually stayed because we had an awesome time there. Our bartender, Sasha, was really cool. We had some fun exchange of conversations with her. Ended with an invitation to The Wakka. We never really made it anywhere else after Mainstreet. Good close to an eventful weekend.

Marv happen to take this video of us driving through downtown Rochester, singing along as we admire the lights.

Update: PJ from Lions Tailgating

PJ sent us this video in the early morn, his message, "Tailgate beer. Listen closely."

Day 18 - Dave’s BeerUpdate: Dave from Minnesota (and consistent like gravity)

Dave sent us this picture with the message, "Football at the bar. happy 18"

Day 18 - Neil from Dooley’sUpdate: Neil from Dooley’s

Neil sent us this pcture with the message, "beers and lions at dooleys….. oh how the days roll by"

And to close out this entry, nobody says it better than Macauley Caulkin:

Day 17

December 9th, 2007

Day 17 - The 80’s Wedding TixWhoooOOOOooa! We’re half way there! WhoooOOOooooa! We’re living on a prayer! Bon Jovi sings it best, we live it best. Yesterday marks the half way point of the 34 Days of Christmas. This means we’ve successfully made the uphill climb. It’s all down hill from here. For day 17 celebration we traveled out to Royal Oak Woody’s. Day 17 - JohnDrinks were superfluously flowing and diligently erasing our minds! To a night that carried into late hours (as most of them usually do) it was a night that definitely signified what the 34 Days of Christmas is all about. It’s amazing to see how nearly every morning talks of using the insurance policy may go into effect, but miraculously it never does. Day 17 - Adam’s Hot ChocolateThis is it, don’t get scared now!

Day 17 - Dave’s BeerUpdate: Dave from Minnesota

Dave sent us this picture with the following message, "Halfway there now. dont get scared now. happy 17"

Day 17 - Ohh Neil!Update: Neil from a house party

Neil sent us this ridiculous picture with the message, "catchin the xmas cheer"

Day 17 - Danielle’s BeerUpdate: Danielle after work

Danielle sent us this picture at 3:18, nearly the same time as the previous night, her words, "Heres the pic 4 insurance purposes of course!"

Day 16

December 8th, 2007

Day 16 - Neil’s Youtube DrinkingAnd super sweet 16 was joyous and happy as the rest! We started the evening off at Neil’s for some drinking and YouTube gazing. After a few went down we headed out to Wild Bill’s to meet up with Adam and Jake. Had a few beverages there and continued to make super sweet 16 a super sweet time. Day 16 - Anthony’s Bottles Later in the evening we went to a house party for a friend’s quarter century birthday. Play beer pong on probably one of the smallest tables to even be considered a beer pong table. However you look at it, we played. Good night, good times, good memories. Tis thy season to be jolly, decorate your tree with boughs of holly!

Day 16 - Neil’s Early BeerUpdate: Neil at 2…….pm

Neil sent us this picture rather early in the day, with the following message, "early start or late night?"

Day 16 - Dave’s BeerUpdate: Dave from Minnesota

Dave sent us this picture with the following message, "Kickin off the weekend. happy 16"

Day 16 - PJ’s Work DrinkingUpdate: PJ from work party

PJ sent us this picture with the following message, "Company xmas party…free drinks and food…..awesome"

Day 16 - James BeersUpdate: James from Renshaw

James sent over this picture, big drink little drink….Dr Seuss drinks….

Day 16 - Amanda’s 16 for 16Update: Amanda from a house

Amanda sent us this picture with the following message, "16 for 16"

Day 16 - Danielle’s Late BeerUpdate: Danielle from work

Danielle sent us this picture in the later hours of 3:21am, truely last, but not least….and her message, "I know its late but the 34 days of xmas never sleeps!"

Day 15

December 7th, 2007

Day 15 - Anthony’s Margarita’sFull effect (-ive) drinking and merry holidays. Tonight, Marv, John, and I met up with a few others at Rosie O’Grady’s for fiesta Thursdays! They had $0.99 margarita’s that were going down pretty good! A more of a mellow night than most, but no signs of stopping. Happy holidays!

Day 15 - Marv’s WineUpdate: Marv at noon.

Marv sent us this picture and video around noon. It is apparent that he started the day off rather earlier than most. It was a very exquisite touch. He is his words, "Day 15 starts early with a holiday lunch with work wine for all!" and "Wine samples all around tis the season indeed"

Day 15 - Dave’s BeerUpdate: Dave from Minnesota

Dave sent us this picture with the following message, "Work happy hour. happy day 15"

Day 15 - Danielle’s Cigs and BeerUpdate: Danielle from work (?)

Danielle sent us this picture with the following message, "Cold as the rookies but it still makes me feel all warm"

Day 15 - Neil’s High LifeUpdate: Neil from home

Neil sent us this picture with the following message, "living the high life by candle light"

Day 15 - Adam’s err 5 O’ClockUpdate: Adam from his work desk

Adam sent us this picture with the following message, "Imagine 5 oclock in that"

Day 15 - Amanda and LaurenUpdate: Amanda and Lauren

The girls sent us this picture, clearly the chill wasn’t only outside….