Contributions can be made this holiday season in support of the drinking, bingeful at times. All proceeds will go directly to our drinks and possibly any non-profit charities, but not likely.

Day 34

December 26th, 2007

The end….

Day 34 - Marv’s DrinkMarv says, "Day 34 we made it!! Merry christmas to all!!!"

Day 34 - John’s WineJohn says, "Merry christmas and a happy day 34, finally the madness has ended………or has it only began??"

Dave says, "We made it.  it wasnt always easy but damnit we perservered. happy 34 and merry xmas to all."

Day 34 - Anthony’s BeerAnthony says, "Mission complete. Merry Christmas!" Day 34 - Dave’s Beer

For the most part we spent Christmas with our families. Later in the evening, as we were trying to determine what to do, it became an obvious answer that nothing is possibly open Christmas night. So Marv and John came over my house to play some Wii, watch Superbad, and well you guessed it, have a drink, or two. It was smooth finish to a somewhat bumpy ride, ahh, sip on that for a moment….

We’ll all wake up one morning wondering where we’re going to drink tonight and what we’re going to drink. Then we realize that the 34 Days of Christmas is over and we now don’t have an obligation or guilty thought not to drink, or do we? The past month+4 days was an endeavor, a journey down an untravelled path that has led a group of people in a direction never embarked upon. Over the course of time we have spent more money than we every imagined and yet not one single regret. For the memories we so eloquently built will last into an eternity of unforgotten bliss. For those whom have spent the last 34 days drinking consecutively, congratulation, and salutations. This marks the final chapter to a holiday event that is uncomparable to any other. Mission complete, we’ve just successfully concluded the 34 Days of Christmas. Happy Holidays.

Now we’ll work on New Years…

Day 33

December 25th, 2007

Day 33 - NeilYesterday was Christmas eve Day 33 - Anthony’s Beer and the eve to the final day of this endeavor. Marv, John, and Neil met up at Bravo’s for a nice Italian meal, while I went to my family’s house for an Italian meal as well. Nothing beats the Italian food on Christmas eve eh? And nothing beats adding a cocktail or two the meal as well…Day 33 - Anthony’s Cosmo

Day 33 - Dave’s BeerDave sent us a picture from what appears to be his house, his message, “One more day boys. heroes of our day. happy 33”

Day 33 - Marv’s BeerWe all received a couple messages from Marv, a beer and some egg nog. “Day 33 home stretch!!!” says Marv, “Captain and egg nog…If thats not a liday”

Day 33 - Marv’s Egg NogIt’s hard to believe that there is only 1 more day until the ending to the 34 Days of Christmas. What a fantastical ride it’s been. Tonight’s the closing night.

As of now Merry Christmas to all and all of us here at the 34 Days of Christmas wish you nothing but the best!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Day 32

December 24th, 2007

After a very scary night, day 32 was a rather mellow one. For all that have inquired, Adam is doing better. He is home now and enjoying his Christmas, they way he should, with friends and family.

Day 32 - Dave’s BeerP.J. and Dave barely slept the night of the party, having to wake up and go tailgate for the Lions game. Dave sent us a picture tailgating, enlight of day 32. Day 32 - John and NeilLater in the evening Neil and John met up for a few drinks.

I received a message from Marv late at night of this Blue Moon and orange. Day 32- Marv’s Blue MoonI met up with him at The Hills in Rochester for brew as well. We all were still quite in shocked and worried for Adam, but much happier knowing he’s doing better.

Day 32 - Anthony and Marv’s BeersThis 34 Days of Christmas has taken some unexpected turns, good and bad. It’s amazing to see the road we’ve all traveled in such a short amount of time. 2 days left of something that is much bigger than the simplistic idea of drinking, I already miss it…

Day 31

December 23rd, 2007

Last night definitely started off with the holiday cheer in full effect. Day 31 - Jingle Juice The holiday music was playing, the jingle juice was flowing, the beer pong table was actionful, and the food was in abundance. PJ had his first Christmas party where all friends Day 31 - Beer Pongcelebrated the holiday together sharing the holiday cheer and extending their holiday cheer to others by donating to the Toys-4-Tots.

It was the Christmas party we all were waiting for and then some. As the night got later, something unexpected and shocking happen. In a strange turn of events, our great friend Adam had an accident and fell down some stairs knocking himself completely unconscious, hitting the basement floor head first. We tried to wake him, but he remained unresponsive. We had to call 911. He was taken to the hospital for care. As of today he remains in the hospital where he will probably spend his Christmas. Adam should be better, it appears he broke either his jaw or cheekbone. Every single one of us wish him nothing but the best. Adam we’re all here for you.

Day 30

December 22nd, 2007

Day 30 - Marv’s Early BeerThe big 3-0! Wow, are we really this close to it all coming to an end? It appears so. Today also is Danielle’s birthday. Most of us did not have to work today either. Day 30 - Marv’s Early ShotAt a little past 11 a.m. I started receiving picture messages of drinks. Marv, we get it, you won the early bird award, congrats man! Marv sent us 2 pix well before noon of a beer and a hefty shot. "For petes sake its 11:15 in the morning day Day 30 - Anthony’s Drink30 is looking prominsing," those are the words of Marv and promising it was! I finally rolled out of bed and met up with Adam, John, Neil, and Lindsay at Snookers. We share a few drinks, some lunch before we continued our day.

Day 30 - Anthony’s Cousin Christmas PartyLater in the evening we continued the drinking festivities. I had a cousin Christmas party where the drinking got the best of some. Haha. I’m not sure the location of everyone else, but it was very clear everyone was drinking. The picture messages didn’t seem to stop! It’s good to see how strong all of us, drink after drink, night after night. Awesome! Anyways here are some updates with plentiful pictures!

Day 30 - John’s DrinkUpdate:Day 30 - John’s Beer(s) John from Snookers (both times?!?)

John sent a couple pictures throughout the day. His words, " Day 30! our days r numbered" and "U sir! what day is this?!? why its day 30 sir"

Day 30 - Dave’s BeerUpdate: Dave from Michigan finally!

Dave sent us this picture from the airport, "Nice tall one at the airport, happy 30!"

Day 30 - Amanda’s BeerUpdate: Amanda from Snookers (I think)Day 30 - Amanda’s Beer (pt 2)

Amanda sent us a couple pictures throughout the night. It appears the celebration for Danielle’s birthday is a solid one!

Day 30 - Oscar drinkingUpdate: James and Oscar from No Resolve

James sent this picture of Oscar, bottoms up!

Day 30 - Danielle’s Birthday BeerUpdate: Danielle, the birthday girl!

Danielle sent us this picture of this beer in celebration for her birthday! "happy bday 2 me!"

Day 29

December 21st, 2007

Day 29 - Marv’s Basketball StatueA slower night than most, but continuingly successful. I went out to Royal Oak to O’Tooles for some $2 mug nite. Marv had a basketball game in which it appears he won, with a little victory statue. Day 29 - Anthony’s BeerYay Marv! Later I met up with John, Marv, Lauren, Marc, and Danielle for celebrate Danielle’s 23rd birthday at the stroke of midnight. A few drinks and shots were taken and ended the night around 1 a.m. Happy Birthday Danielle!

Day 29 - Dave’s BeerUpdate: Dave from Minnesota for the last time!!

Dave sent us over his last picture from Minnesota, he will be back in Michigan today to finish off the 34 Days of Christmas with the group. Good to have ya back, live in the action Dave.

Day 28

December 20th, 2007

Day 28 - Marv’s Early BeerThe early bird award goes to…..(wait……for….it…..)……Marv! It appears that Marv just can’t wait to get out of work to start drinking. Congratulation Marv, alcoholics every where will start learning your ways….

Day 28 - John’s DrinksAnd yet again, drinks were drank at Snooker’s. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it out, got caught up in some snowboarding. The rest of the gang met up at Snookers, drank, drank, drank and laughed at silly thoughts, words, and jokes. I don’t know what else really happened last night, since I was not there. I could take a random guess…

Marv, John, Neil, and more than likely, others at Snookers because Danielle was working. Marv order an exotic beer, John ordered a Captain’s and coke, they talked about how crazy we’ve been consistent with our drinking. about PJ’s party coming up, John tried to beat Neil on a couple "Thats what she said " cracks at vulnerable sentences by others, laughed a few. Day 28 - Marv’s Beer Did a shot per Danielle’s request. John smacked the table, leaned forward, then back and said, "….and I’m spent, time for me to go home", Marv concurs, and Danielle tries to talk them into just one more shot, chances are they took that shot, possibly a shot no one’s heard of, laughed a bit more about how they said they were gonna leave a half hour ago, then finally get up, and go home.

That’s just my guess tho…

Day 28 - Anthony’s Pirate WineI did have a glass of red wine, from a bottle that had a scull and bones on it, while watching Pirates of the Carribbean 3. Ironic? No it’s Christmas time….wtf?!

Day 27 - Dave’s BeerDave is probably drunk in Minnesota when he sent us over this picture. Yesterday was day 27, today is day 28, buddy. Here is Dave’s caption to his picture, "Happy 27.  i have nothing clever to even add anymore." I guess these days really all do blur together….

Day 27

December 19th, 2007

Day 27 - John’s BeerChristmas is closer than we all know. The endeavor in which we all embarked on has brought the spirit of Christmas in all of us, and it’s amazing to think that we’ve been drinking this long. For the holidays of course. Nothing really to say, just another bar night? Marv, John and myself met up at Mainstreet for a couple drinks. Day 27 - Marv and Anthony’s Beer Adam, Quinn, and other met up at Wild Bill’s for some drinks over there. Neil was probably drink by himself, yet again. And well Dave? Dave is going to resort to wine in about 6 days….I’m getting lazy on updating this thing, so here are some pictures and captions to go with them. Cheers!

Day 27 - Dave’s BeerDave from Minn-drinking-more-beer-a-sota

Message, "Happy 27.  one week to go.  dont get scarred now."

Day 27 - Neil’s BeerNeil from home (see: alcoholic)

Caption, "shit just got crazzzzzzzy"

Day 26

December 18th, 2007

Day 26 - Corona Mondays!All hail Corona Mondays! Yesterday would mark the last Corona Monday of the 34DoC! And we went enjoyed it in style! Day 26 - Corona’s making out.A large group gathering enjoyed the company and laughter amongst each other in anoter joyous celebration. The Corona’s kept flowing like the chocolate in Mr. Wonka’s factory. You gotta love drink specials! As usual, the picture messages recorded the event. As ridiculous as this whole event may seem, it will be something we’ll never regret. I already feel like I’m going to miss this and we still have a solid week left!

All the time and memories built during the 34 Days of Christmas is just awesome. Day 26 - Neil drinking?Everyone that has made this thing as successful as it has been so far are just awesome and great friends. It’s friends like this that make you thankful for so many things, including the dedication to the 34 Days of Christmas. Slightly exagerrated, John, sent us a txt message saying, "My mind isnt as sharp Day 26 - The tabanymore, body is breaking down, job performance is on a steady decline, behind in my bills, family losing respect, but yet i find the courage to carry on, happy day 26!!" And as the night expired John sent another picture message, the one of the dreaded bill(s), it’s all worth it though. We all know this.

Day 26 - Dave’s BeerUpdate: Dave (I think you all know where he lives)

Here is Dave again, and a message, "happy 26.  home stretch now."

Day 25

December 17th, 2007

Day 25 - John’s BeerQuinn, John, and I met up at Buffalo Wild Wings last night for a brew before seeing I Am Legend. Day 25 - Anthony’s Beer John and I both snap shots of our beers and yes, the pictures look nearly the same. John sent along this message to everyone, "Day 25 and it isnt getting any easier". I passed along this message, "oh the weather outside is frightful…the fire is so delightful and since there is no place to go…let it snow drink a beer let it snow! merry 25DoC!!"

Day 25 - Marv’s DrinkMarv sent us a picture of what appears to mixed drink at home, and after the last couple of hard nights of drinking, it’s good to see Marv hasn’t fallen off the horse, his word, "After last night i really should not be drinking….. But its just so damn festive heres to day 25 i think".

Day 25 - Neil’s WineNeil, oh Neil, where out thou find deals of such great magnitude, I love it! Neil sent us a picture of his really cheap wine. Neil says, "7 dollar wine on sale for 5. cheap cheer to everyone!"

Day 25 - Dave’s BeerDave (yes, he’s still in Minnesota) sent a picture of his beer, once again. "happy 25.  this one is goin down slow.", says Dave. We all know how you feel my friend.

Day 25 - Danielle’s BeerDanielle sent us this picture from what appears to be from, Snookers. My odds on getting that correct are probably 100%. I <3 it! Her beer is looking tasty or "Beer makes me jolly!" are her exact words!

We’re coming around the home stretch now. In 1 week from now it will be Christmas Eve, and well the eve that finishes this ridiculous idea of drinking for 34 days straight. Happy Holidays to all, we’re almost there!