The True Origins of the 34 Days of Christmas

The moon danced over the horizon as the few remaining hastily made their way to the warm shelter that so welcomed them into her open arms. The steady glow of the neon lights punctuated with the sweet yet sour nectar that lie atop of each foam rimmed glass bottle, awaiting the emersion that was soon to come, bringing comfort and solitude to those that was so desired. It was on this day and this occasion that conversation was made. Conversation between two people that yet didn’t quite seem relevant until it was made clear that the holidays were fast approaching. ‘Tis true that thanksgiving was upon us, marking the start of a very festive season. And with festivities comes indulgence. Indulgence of a liquid, a liquid so fine and so pure, that when poured, gives us the satisfaction of self gratification and joyousness that only those who participate in such an event are the only ones that can realize its true potential and promises that it has to offer. A quick glance comes from across the table met with the same curiosity from the targeted eyes. They begin to peer deep within each other (squinting if you will) trying to decipher what each one holds true to their heart. Then at a moment’s pace they each simultaneously realize what it is that they truly desire. Their hearts begin to race knowing that what lies beneath each person’s soul is so easily recognized by those fateful eyes gazed upon from across the table and by one another. The only way to fulfill this want, this need if you will, is to accompany that said person each day in a drink throughout this joyous season and share in laughter and in tears each of those moments that are special in all of our lives. Call us selfish, call us alcoholics, (just don’t call us late for dinner, hahahaha) but it’s the memories that we truly indulge in.