Day 33

Day 33 - NeilYesterday was Christmas eve Day 33 - Anthony’s Beer and the eve to the final day of this endeavor. Marv, John, and Neil met up at Bravo’s for a nice Italian meal, while I went to my family’s house for an Italian meal as well. Nothing beats the Italian food on Christmas eve eh? And nothing beats adding a cocktail or two the meal as well…Day 33 - Anthony’s Cosmo

Day 33 - Dave’s BeerDave sent us a picture from what appears to be his house, his message, “One more day boys. heroes of our day. happy 33”

Day 33 - Marv’s BeerWe all received a couple messages from Marv, a beer and some egg nog. “Day 33 home stretch!!!” says Marv, “Captain and egg nog…If thats not a liday”

Day 33 - Marv’s Egg NogIt’s hard to believe that there is only 1 more day until the ending to the 34 Days of Christmas. What a fantastical ride it’s been. Tonight’s the closing night.

As of now Merry Christmas to all and all of us here at the 34 Days of Christmas wish you nothing but the best!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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