Day 34

The end….

Day 34 - Marv’s DrinkMarv says, "Day 34 we made it!! Merry christmas to all!!!"

Day 34 - John’s WineJohn says, "Merry christmas and a happy day 34, finally the madness has ended………or has it only began??"

Dave says, "We made it.  it wasnt always easy but damnit we perservered. happy 34 and merry xmas to all."

Day 34 - Anthony’s BeerAnthony says, "Mission complete. Merry Christmas!" Day 34 - Dave’s Beer

For the most part we spent Christmas with our families. Later in the evening, as we were trying to determine what to do, it became an obvious answer that nothing is possibly open Christmas night. So Marv and John came over my house to play some Wii, watch Superbad, and well you guessed it, have a drink, or two. It was smooth finish to a somewhat bumpy ride, ahh, sip on that for a moment….

We’ll all wake up one morning wondering where we’re going to drink tonight and what we’re going to drink. Then we realize that the 34 Days of Christmas is over and we now don’t have an obligation or guilty thought not to drink, or do we? The past month+4 days was an endeavor, a journey down an untravelled path that has led a group of people in a direction never embarked upon. Over the course of time we have spent more money than we every imagined and yet not one single regret. For the memories we so eloquently built will last into an eternity of unforgotten bliss. For those whom have spent the last 34 days drinking consecutively, congratulation, and salutations. This marks the final chapter to a holiday event that is uncomparable to any other. Mission complete, we’ve just successfully concluded the 34 Days of Christmas. Happy Holidays.

Now we’ll work on New Years…


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    Day 34 | 34 Days of Christmas

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