Day 28

Day 28 - Marv’s Early BeerThe early bird award goes to…..(wait……for….it…..)……Marv! It appears that Marv just can’t wait to get out of work to start drinking. Congratulation Marv, alcoholics every where will start learning your ways….

Day 28 - John’s DrinksAnd yet again, drinks were drank at Snooker’s. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it out, got caught up in some snowboarding. The rest of the gang met up at Snookers, drank, drank, drank and laughed at silly thoughts, words, and jokes. I don’t know what else really happened last night, since I was not there. I could take a random guess…

Marv, John, Neil, and more than likely, others at Snookers because Danielle was working. Marv order an exotic beer, John ordered a Captain’s and coke, they talked about how crazy we’ve been consistent with our drinking. about PJ’s party coming up, John tried to beat Neil on a couple "Thats what she said " cracks at vulnerable sentences by others, laughed a few. Day 28 - Marv’s Beer Did a shot per Danielle’s request. John smacked the table, leaned forward, then back and said, "….and I’m spent, time for me to go home", Marv concurs, and Danielle tries to talk them into just one more shot, chances are they took that shot, possibly a shot no one’s heard of, laughed a bit more about how they said they were gonna leave a half hour ago, then finally get up, and go home.

That’s just my guess tho…

Day 28 - Anthony’s Pirate WineI did have a glass of red wine, from a bottle that had a scull and bones on it, while watching Pirates of the Carribbean 3. Ironic? No it’s Christmas time….wtf?!

Day 27 - Dave’s BeerDave is probably drunk in Minnesota when he sent us over this picture. Yesterday was day 27, today is day 28, buddy. Here is Dave’s caption to his picture, "Happy 27.  i have nothing clever to even add anymore." I guess these days really all do blur together….


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    Holler Monkey Says:

    Neil Matthew Galecki was at snookers too, my God, thats my hat on the counter.

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    Day 28 | 34 Days of Christmas

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