Day 27

Day 27 - John’s BeerChristmas is closer than we all know. The endeavor in which we all embarked on has brought the spirit of Christmas in all of us, and it’s amazing to think that we’ve been drinking this long. For the holidays of course. Nothing really to say, just another bar night? Marv, John and myself met up at Mainstreet for a couple drinks. Day 27 - Marv and Anthony’s Beer Adam, Quinn, and other met up at Wild Bill’s for some drinks over there. Neil was probably drink by himself, yet again. And well Dave? Dave is going to resort to wine in about 6 days….I’m getting lazy on updating this thing, so here are some pictures and captions to go with them. Cheers!

Day 27 - Dave’s BeerDave from Minn-drinking-more-beer-a-sota

Message, "Happy 27.  one week to go.  dont get scarred now."

Day 27 - Neil’s BeerNeil from home (see: alcoholic)

Caption, "shit just got crazzzzzzzy"

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