Day 25

Day 25 - John’s BeerQuinn, John, and I met up at Buffalo Wild Wings last night for a brew before seeing I Am Legend. Day 25 - Anthony’s Beer John and I both snap shots of our beers and yes, the pictures look nearly the same. John sent along this message to everyone, "Day 25 and it isnt getting any easier". I passed along this message, "oh the weather outside is frightful…the fire is so delightful and since there is no place to go…let it snow drink a beer let it snow! merry 25DoC!!"

Day 25 - Marv’s DrinkMarv sent us a picture of what appears to mixed drink at home, and after the last couple of hard nights of drinking, it’s good to see Marv hasn’t fallen off the horse, his word, "After last night i really should not be drinking….. But its just so damn festive heres to day 25 i think".

Day 25 - Neil’s WineNeil, oh Neil, where out thou find deals of such great magnitude, I love it! Neil sent us a picture of his really cheap wine. Neil says, "7 dollar wine on sale for 5. cheap cheer to everyone!"

Day 25 - Dave’s BeerDave (yes, he’s still in Minnesota) sent a picture of his beer, once again. "happy 25.  this one is goin down slow.", says Dave. We all know how you feel my friend.

Day 25 - Danielle’s BeerDanielle sent us this picture from what appears to be from, Snookers. My odds on getting that correct are probably 100%. I <3 it! Her beer is looking tasty or "Beer makes me jolly!" are her exact words!

We’re coming around the home stretch now. In 1 week from now it will be Christmas Eve, and well the eve that finishes this ridiculous idea of drinking for 34 days straight. Happy Holidays to all, we’re almost there!

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