Day 24

Day 24 - Poor MarvI woke up this morning to a picture message from Marv. He doesn’t look so good. I was worried, I txt’d back to see how things went last night. All I really got out of him was he doesn’t like birmingham. Rough night Marv? His words, “No alcohol in this photo between me and u i feel a bit loco i certainly feels alone right now ohh why did order thalast round of crown”. Judging by the picture he sent, I looked like he got into a fight…

Day 24 - Erasing our minds…Later in the evening I did meet up with Marv, John, Liz, and others at Fintini’s for a friend Erin’s birthday. I talked to Marv again. He’s okay. He just drank a little to much, but then again he’s in this for the long haul. Day 24 - Anthony’ BeerMarv was ordering up shot after shot once again and was just hilarious to talk too! Moment of the night, Marv got stage fright when ordering his meal at Coney, to much man! Hahaha!Day 24 - Wine anybody?

Day 24 - Dave’s BeerUpdate:
Dave from Minnesota
In less than 1 week, Dave will be back in Michigan rejoining the rest of the group as the 34 Days of Christmas will come to an end. It will awesome to have him back here drinking with all of us. His picture from last night was tagged with this message, “First of many. happy 24”

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