Day 23

Day 23 - Marv’s Beer PitcherLast night Marv had a work party where he started the day rather early. Marv sent us this pitcher of beer with the message, “Holiday party in full effect day 23 i think?!?!?” He then relocated himself out in Birmingham for continued drinking. Day 23 - Marv’s BeerHe joined some of his friends. He left us this message as well, “Sam adams winter ale buurr its cold out there”. Day 23 - Happy Neil!John and crew started off at Neil’s house for some predrinking and later met up with others at Wild Bill’s. John sent us this picture of Neil, happy as ever, his message, “happy day 23 to all and to all a good nite!”. Day 23 - Anthony’s BeerDay 23 - Anthony’s WineFor myself, I started with a glass of wine at dinner, then went out to Coyote Joe’s for my cousin Neil’s birthday. Day 23 - Coyote Joe’s Hotties!Coyote Joe’s is an awesome establishment full of just beautiful gorgeous women. Quite entertaining, if I may say! It was a rather good night.

Day 23 - Dave’s BeerUpdate: Dave from Minnesota

Don’t forget about the lone wolf West of us. He may stand solo in the 34DoC, but here he is once again, and his message, " on the 23rd day of christmas my true love gave to me…a beer &quot

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