Day 22

Day 22 - Anthony’s DrinkSo last night John, Marv, Danielle, Dan, Daniella, and myself met up at Snooker’s to celebrate the 22. Conversation and drinks flowing throughout. Just another great day. Day 22 - John’s DrinkWe started discussing what we plan on doing with the 34 Days of Christmas for next year. And when all weeds out, its going to be really, really cool! We happen to try some crazy concotion that Snooker’s put together called a Feliz Navidad. Quite tasty if I may say. Night expired around midnight.

Day 22 - Feliz Navidad Shots Day 22 - Feliz Navidad Shots 2

Day 22 - Lindsay and NeilUpdate: Neil and Lindsay from Friday’s

Neil sent us this picture, with this thought to ponder: "at fridays w lindsay. is the foo foo drink mine or lindsays?? you be the judge"

Day 22 - Dave’s BeerUpdate: Dave from Minnesota

Dave sent us this picture, wishing, "happy deuce deuce".

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