Day 20

Day 20 - Marv’s BeerIt’s funny because the night before (day 19) we were all sitting at Boston’s on Corona mondays discussing our upcoming weekend. We started slowly with just going snowboarding on Sunday and somehow it elevated to leaving Friday morning for Las Vegas. I looked up flights on my phone and Marv made phone calls to Northwest looking for the best deal we could get. We were so serious and adiment about it, I even budgeted my weekend. The idea extended even further to a point where we all were up late on our own little chat room discussing the Vegas idea in greater detail. Somehow Amanda was going to join in, with no money, and we were going to make the best of it for both circumstances. Haha. Then yesterday morning, we all woke up. Exchanging of text messages confirmed that we were probably a little out there with a completely spontaneous trip to Vegas, but by the rate this 34DoC has been going, I’m surprised actually that we’re not going!

Day 20 - Anthony and John’s DrinksAnyways last night I met up with John and Marv at the Brewery in Rochester. They had a cocktail at the Royal Park hotel, but by their words, it was lame. So after some Michigan brew and dip sampler tray we laughed once again to the thought of Vegas. We do plan on actually going, just not this weekend (or are we?). Haha, it still lingers. Day 20 - Jeff 4am DrunkThe night was rather young, for the 3 of us I may say, but for Neil and Jeff on the other hand, I received a text message at 4:02 am. Oh man. Judging by his message, he was drunk, "this is for tonight and last nigjt. rossssssies."

Day 20 - Dave’s BeerAnd yet once again, Dave comes through with his brew. He’s still out there on the other side of the lake in Minny, but he still enlightened us with this message, "Hammerin down the brews at the work xmas party.  happy 20". I’m glad to see that Dave is drinking with others, makes him look less of an alcoholic…lol, this thy season!

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    Mike Z. Says:

    Where can I purchase 34 days of christmas boxers and socks?

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