Day 19

Being a teen can be fun, immature and fun. Sadly this is our last chance to be a teen for yesterday marked day 19. Day 19 - Corona MondaysThis doesn’t mean the fun and immaturity is going to end, oh no! It just means we’ve finally gotten a solid grasp on this thing, we know what fun is all about! I received a text message from John this morning, "Why does alcohol make everything seem like such a great idea?" This statement just struct me as one of the most honestly obvious and revealing statement. Truth be told, it brings out the best in a lot of us. Amazing, such a concept. These past 3 weeks (nearly) have been some of the best of times, what a great way to spend the holidays. Most years the holidays come and go so quickly and you never really get to feel the warmth and comfort of what the holiday season has to hold. The 34 Days of Christmas just made the holiday spirit more evident. However we come out of this, I’ll say it now, it was worth every moment.

For day 19, we spent it up at Boston’s for Corona Monday’s. There was a whole lot of us, it was good to see so many make it out. The drinking award of the night goes out to Danielle. She was just too funny.

Day 19 - Dave’s Beer and BurgersUpdate: Dave from Minnesota

Being a few hundred miles away has yet to slow down Dave. He has shown that regardless of distance, he’s here in spirit. "Burger and beers. meal of champions. happy 19", exact words from Dave, and Dave, that’s exactly what you are, a champion.

Day 19 - Amanda’s BeerUpdate: Amanda from Eastern

Amanda sent us this picture through the fog and haze and drunken splendidness, "Happy day 19."

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    marv Says:

    my mind’s tellin me no…… but my body’s telling me yaaaaaaaaa

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