Day 18

Day 18 - Anthony’s WineAfter a long hard night marking the half way point, day 18 seem to get off to a slow start. I had my family Christmas party in which I have a glass of wine with my dinner. Later in the evening I joined Marv and John for what was to be a downtown Rochester bar crawl. Day 18 - Gus O’ConnorsWe began the night at Gus O’Connors, had our first drink and continued on to Mainstreet Billiards. It was here that we couldn’t have asked for a better night. It first seemed like the occasional bar night, grab a beer, relax, laugh about the past and dream about the future. It was then where we met a very interesting fellow who sat next to us. Day 18 - MainstreetMarv and the man spent a few minutes arguing the location of cities in SoCal, but then he proceeded to tell us about stories of the past. He told us atleast 3 stories that started off with, "Back in ’79…" or "Back in ’84…" and was hard not to chuckle. We also met his wife whom was with him. As the two of them were leaving Marv asked why she wears her wedding ring and he doesn’t, her response, "Not like it matters, who’s gonna take him?". What interestingly cool people. Day 18 - Shots!The three of us were going to try moving on with our bar crawl, but actually stayed because we had an awesome time there. Our bartender, Sasha, was really cool. We had some fun exchange of conversations with her. Ended with an invitation to The Wakka. We never really made it anywhere else after Mainstreet. Good close to an eventful weekend.

Marv happen to take this video of us driving through downtown Rochester, singing along as we admire the lights.

Update: PJ from Lions Tailgating

PJ sent us this video in the early morn, his message, "Tailgate beer. Listen closely."

Day 18 - Dave’s BeerUpdate: Dave from Minnesota (and consistent like gravity)

Dave sent us this picture with the message, "Football at the bar. happy 18"

Day 18 - Neil from Dooley’sUpdate: Neil from Dooley’s

Neil sent us this pcture with the message, "beers and lions at dooleys….. oh how the days roll by"

And to close out this entry, nobody says it better than Macauley Caulkin:

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