Day 17

Day 17 - The 80’s Wedding TixWhoooOOOOooa! We’re half way there! WhoooOOOooooa! We’re living on a prayer! Bon Jovi sings it best, we live it best. Yesterday marks the half way point of the 34 Days of Christmas. This means we’ve successfully made the uphill climb. It’s all down hill from here. For day 17 celebration we traveled out to Royal Oak Woody’s. Day 17 - JohnDrinks were superfluously flowing and diligently erasing our minds! To a night that carried into late hours (as most of them usually do) it was a night that definitely signified what the 34 Days of Christmas is all about. It’s amazing to see how nearly every morning talks of using the insurance policy may go into effect, but miraculously it never does. Day 17 - Adam’s Hot ChocolateThis is it, don’t get scared now!

Day 17 - Dave’s BeerUpdate: Dave from Minnesota

Dave sent us this picture with the following message, "Halfway there now. dont get scared now. happy 17"

Day 17 - Ohh Neil!Update: Neil from a house party

Neil sent us this ridiculous picture with the message, "catchin the xmas cheer"

Day 17 - Danielle’s BeerUpdate: Danielle after work

Danielle sent us this picture at 3:18, nearly the same time as the previous night, her words, "Heres the pic 4 insurance purposes of course!"

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