Day 16

Day 16 - Neil’s Youtube DrinkingAnd super sweet 16 was joyous and happy as the rest! We started the evening off at Neil’s for some drinking and YouTube gazing. After a few went down we headed out to Wild Bill’s to meet up with Adam and Jake. Had a few beverages there and continued to make super sweet 16 a super sweet time. Day 16 - Anthony’s Bottles Later in the evening we went to a house party for a friend’s quarter century birthday. Play beer pong on probably one of the smallest tables to even be considered a beer pong table. However you look at it, we played. Good night, good times, good memories. Tis thy season to be jolly, decorate your tree with boughs of holly!

Day 16 - Neil’s Early BeerUpdate: Neil at 2…….pm

Neil sent us this picture rather early in the day, with the following message, "early start or late night?"

Day 16 - Dave’s BeerUpdate: Dave from Minnesota

Dave sent us this picture with the following message, "Kickin off the weekend. happy 16"

Day 16 - PJ’s Work DrinkingUpdate: PJ from work party

PJ sent us this picture with the following message, "Company xmas party…free drinks and food…..awesome"

Day 16 - James BeersUpdate: James from Renshaw

James sent over this picture, big drink little drink….Dr Seuss drinks….

Day 16 - Amanda’s 16 for 16Update: Amanda from a house

Amanda sent us this picture with the following message, "16 for 16"

Day 16 - Danielle’s Late BeerUpdate: Danielle from work

Danielle sent us this picture in the later hours of 3:21am, truely last, but not least….and her message, "I know its late but the 34 days of xmas never sleeps!"

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