Day 13

A baker’s dozen is a testament to a bonus. It’s also an unlucky value many deem negative. Well the 34 Days of Christmas proves that wrong! Day 13 - Wine and Dine us (Go ahead, put it to the test Mythbusters!) Day 13 - John’s Birthday WineYesterday would mark the day of birth to the father of the 34 Days of Christmas, John. And it was an very fortunate event. John, Marv, Neil, PJ, Kristen, Pete, Danielle, and I met up at Teddy’s Time Square for a drink out of the comfort zone, a beautiful 2006 bottle of wine. Here we tasted the vulumptous flavors the grapes left on our taste buds as we cheers no beers to John. Day 13 - Marv and John’s Corona’sFor most the night was collective and ended on an earlier note. Day 13 - Used and Abused CigaretteBut oh no, not for John and Marv whom met up with Lauren later in the evening and clearly continued to infuse themselves in to the lushes they all are. Here’s to you John on your 25th birthday and let the 34 Days of Christmas ringing in our hearts until forever more. Peace to you and peace to all the people on this earth.Day 13 - Marv and John stil drinking


Day 13 - Dave’s BeerUpdate: Dave from Minnesota

Dave must start to feel lonely in company, but spiritually he is Godsend to the 34 Days of Christmas. His dedication through phyisical brutality shows you that no matter how much your throat hurts or how bad your cough is, a drink to the 34 Days of Christmas is mending at heart. Here is his picture and message he sent us, "Holiday cheers for holiday beers"


  1. 1
    Danielle Welchko Says:

    jon your a half a century old now!! haha

  2. 2
    Anthony Says:

    half a century? wow, i see the drinking has gotten to you…its a little more complex than that….try half of a half century! haha….

    or a quarter of a century, an eighth of two centuries, 2.5 decades, you get the point….happy holidays 🙂

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