Day 12

What a joyous day, a beautiful collaboration, an intricate perfection this is! Through traveling distances and unexpectedDay 12 - Marv and Anthony locations the vast majority were graced with each others faces on this 12th day of christmas. If this was a song it would end here, but this is no song, nothing but the sweet sounds of shot glasses chirping, corona bottles imitating Pete on the Day 12 - Mind Eraser shots all around!returned inversion, and sporatic laughing outbursts! Monday night John, Jake, Danielle, Pete, Neil, Marv, Marc, and myself returned to Boston’s for $2 Corona night. We also shared a collective shot(s). Later in the night I met up with James of No Resolve at Renshaw’s for a festive drink. The rest of the gang stayed at Boston’s. Drinks were flowing, and the festive Christmas spirit was rich in our hearts, connecting each individual to the rest, creating the depth and diversity amongst us as one, as a participate, a diciple to the 34 Days of Christmas. Day 12 - Anthony’s Beer Farmers would stop filling egg cartons, Pepsi would stop filling soda cans, AM would turn to PM, and a perfect bowling game would end, but see, this is where the 34 Days of Christmas says, "you keep yourself at 12, you make yourself happy with happily divisible number by 4 happily common denominators and we’ll continue counting, because this holiday spirit is in all of us, not in just an egg carton or soda can or time or game, this is what makes the sleigh bells ring, rudolph’s nose red, snow white, and santa fat." All hail the 34 Days of Christmas and sing in excelsis deo!


Day 12 - Dave’s Beer at Modest Mouse ConcertUpdate: Dave from Minnesota

Even though day is a few hundred miles away and across Lake Michigan doesn’t mean the spirit of the 34 DoC isn’t in him as well. Here is a photo Dave sent us with a message, "At the modest mouse concert.  happy day 12"

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