Day 11

We’re nearly 1/3 through this thing and we’re still going strong! Day 11 - Dave’ TailgateIn the wee early morning from Minnesota we got a picture of Dave and gang tailgaiting for the Lions game. He followed it with this message "Morning tailgate.  happy day 11".

Day 11 - Marv’s SunsetThen later in the evening we recieved a sarcastic little photo from Marv, taunting us with his beachy sunset in California, "How’s the snow treating you". Day 11 - Anthony’s SnowSo, naturally, I responded with a photo of our weather, and this message, "its beautiful, u wish u were here!".

Neil sent us this little video of his red, red wine, his message, “red red wine makes me feel so fine… . and a little girly”

Day 11 - Anthony’s DrinkLater that night John and myself met up at Snooker’s for a drink. We were accompanied later by Danielle and Pete.Day 11 - Pete and Danielle Marv also sent us one last photo from California. His message was "Daddy’s coming home" Throughout the country the spirit is strong, not a day lays to rest, we knew we’d be in this all along.

Day 11 - Marv’s Last California Beer

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