Day 14

"Can’t make it out tonight my liver wont let", thats the message I receive from Marv on day 14. Where’s the 34DoC spirit my friend? You travel thousands of miles away, carrying it in full force, return to Michigan and inept just a few days in? It’s ok though, I know you drank well beyond midnight the day before so your insurance policy is in full effect, I just had to give you a tickle for that message.

John, Adam, Pete, and I met up at Wild Bill’s for some $1 domestics. Day 14 - Anthony and John’s BeerIt was a rather mellow night, just a couple beers, some chit chat and happy times. It wasn’t until later that night, well beyond 10 p.m. or so that the picture messages start showing the true colors of the 34 Days of Christmas. Here are the updates as they came in.

Day 14 - Dave’s BeerUpdate: Dave from Minnesota

Dave sent us this picture after some "rumored" complications with his cell phone. And his simple message, "Happy 14."


Day 14 - Lauren and AmandaUpdate: Lauren and Amanda

Lauren and Amanda sent this picture, clearly drinking the lushous taste of wine.


Day 14 - Neil’s DrinkUpdate: Neil from Ernie’s

Neil sent us this picture with the following message, "double ginger ale and vodka…shhhh its a secret ernie’s style"


Day 14 - James’ BeerUpdate: James from No Resolve (thats the name of his band, the only reference I could deem appropriate to others)

No location or message was sent, just the vivid colors that make out, drinking.


Day 14 - Danielle’s $2 PitchersUpdate: Danielle with her $2 pitchers

Danielle sent this picture with this message, "Day whatever 2 dolla off pitchers! need i say more?"

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