Day 8

And this marks the first post to be typed under the influence. I have read this more than once to make sure I could fix the words Day 8 - Anthony’s Beerthat are missed spelled. Don’t want to make this look bad. So where do I begin. First off, I’m happy. I just got back from an early night at O’Tooles in Royal Oak. What a great night. I personally didn’t intend on drinking that much, but you know how it goes, 1 drink down and then its like 5 and a couple shots later. It was a very eventful night though, if I may say. First off Day 8 - Anthony’s MugO’Tooles has $2 mug nights, which just makes it great for drinking, especially 34DoC style. I happen to buy a couple shots for the shot girl and myself and recorded a little video. The first video didn’t work so I bought another one for a new video. She was awesome, such a great sport for this event. I wish I knew her name, she deserves the recognition. (Beautiful too, if my say, just a beautiful girl, thank you). Here is the video:

I also just happen to run into Stephanie there as well. It was good to see her. And once again, the picture messages kept coming in. I love this event! Thank God for cell phones and the technology that makes the 34DoC more real than ever. Here are the updates…

Day 8 - PJ’s BeerUpdate: PJ from the Chicago airport
PJ sent us this picture with the following message, “The chicago airport pub crawl… of my finest inventions. 4 bars down”

Day 8 - Neil’s Drink
Update: Neil from Mitchell’s Fish Market
Neil sent us this picture with the following message, “at mitchell’s fish market with lindsay, come for the fish… stay for the vodka”

Day 8 - Marv’s Long IslandUpdate: Marv from California
Marv sent us the following two pictures with the respective messages,Day 8 - Marv’s Beer “Long nights in long beach always start off with long islands” and “Here’s to feelin good 2000 miles away”

Day 8 - John’s DrinkUpdate: John, Danielle, and Amanda from Wild Bill’s
John sent us the following pictures. One of the pictures includes Amanda, whom has decided to join in on the wonder 34DoC. Welcome aboard!Day 8 - Amanda’s Drink Day 8 - John and Danielle

Day 8 - Dave’s BeerUpdate: Dave from Minnesota
Dave sent us this picture with the following message: “And a happy day 8 to u sir”.

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