Day 7

Quitters never prosper. That’s what they say. And prosperity is the root of this challenge. I don’t even know if I’d call it a challenge anymore. It’s more like a standard, another Day 7 - Wild Billsbreath of air, cold air, cold air that feels so good deep down in the lungs. It’s now been 1 full week of the 34DoC and all is going well. Last night John, Jake, Sara, Lauren, and I met up at Wild Bill’s for $1 domestics. We were also graced with the presence of Dave, Neil, and Marv via cell pix. How great does it feel to know that the prosperous are contingent. To quit, say nay.


Day 7 - Dave’s BeerUpdate: Dave from Minnesota

Dave sent us this picture with the following message "Now thats a good lookin beer.  happy day 7!".

Day 7 - Neil and Linsday at Piston’s Game
Update: Neil and Lindsay from the Pistons game

Day 7 - Marv’s OrangeUpdate: Marv from California
Marv sent us a picture early in the day of this half orange. He captioned the photo with, "What’s missing???? Some blue moon :-)"


Later in the evening this video came in. Drink meets camera, camera meets Marv, there’s only one meeting left…

Day 7 - Marv’s BeerAnd for a finale of the night, Marv sent us this picture of his Blue Moon, captioned, "The saga continues got my blue moon".

Ahh the night is complete, tis the season!

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    Marv Says:

    Sometimes I get a little embarrassed when I’m snapping shots of my drinks and sending them to my fellow 34DoC comrads…. I know the other people at the bar are talking about me…. talking and laughing… laughing and pointing, pointing and then laughing some more… They’re probably thinking what is this idiot doing? Why is he taking a picture of his drink?? They just don’t understand me. I wish that old guy wouldn’t have just stood there and stared. I need one more picture for the night, nobody’s looking, get the camera out, FLASH!! YESS I did not get scared!!

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