Day 6

“Don’t Get Scared Now!” This is the tag line to the 34 Days Of Christmas. And as the night slowly transpired I became scared that this festive event was going to die too quickly, but why I fret. Shame on me. Further into the night I received picture messages after picture messages. Hell, even a couple video messages. It was at this defining moment that I knew that it was too early for this die. Not with the true dedication of us all. No way will the 34 Days Of Christmas die on its first week. No way Jose! Even though we couldn’t enjoy the presence of each other, the spirit of Christmas (34 Days of Christmas) was passed through the digital airwaves and into our cell phones. Here are the updates from across the country….

Day 6 - Dave’s Beer UPDATE: Dave from Minnesota

Dave sent us this picture with the following message: “Seasons greetings and a happy day 6 to all”

Day 6 - Marv’s White Russian

UPDATE: Marv from California

Marv sent us this picture with the following message: “Why did the chaldean drink a white russian???? Because it was the 6th day of the 34 days of christmas”

Day 6 - John’s WineUPDATE: John from home

John sent us this picture with the following message: “i found this in our refrigerator, not quite sure of the origin but its 17 % alcohol by volume so i shall indulge myself in a drink”

Day 6 - Neil’s BeerUPDATE: Neil from home

Neil sent us this picture.

Day 6 - Anthony’s WineUPDATE: Anthony from home

Anthony sent us this picture with the following message: “everyone solo…yet still stronger….ha do i feel like an alcoholic”

Day 6 - PJ’s BeerUPDATE: PJ from home

PJ sent us this picture with the following message: “Picture from monday night. Put me right to sleep.”

BONUS!: PJ enlightened us with these videos as well.

And I’ll say this once again, with confidence, “Don’t get scared now…”

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    Marv Says:

    FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK I’m really starting to look foward to getting out of work and racing back for the next day’s festivities to begin…Is it just becuase of the 34 days of Christmas or have I entered alcoholic status? Neil is this the feeling you’ve had for the last 4 years?

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