Day 5

The first Monday starts off strong. John, Pete, Danielle, Neil, Lauren, and I met up at Boston’s for $2 Corona night. From a night that was expected to last only a couple hours when well past midnight and not a moment too soon! We’ve decided to write a song for the 34 days of Christmas, much like the 12 days of Christmas, but this one’s going to be much long, obviously. Updates from Dave and Marv were gladly appreciated. Our pictures from Boston’s:

Day 5 - John and Danielle Day 5 - John and a Corona Day 5 - Corona’s for all! Day 5 - Drink up! Day 5 - Watch out Lauren, tower-o-Corona’s!

The 34DOC is real, there’s no turning back now…

Day 5 - Dave’s Beer
UPDATE: Dave from Minnesota

Dave sent us this picture with the following message: “I might die before this over….happy holidays”

Day 5 - Marv’s Long Island
UPDATE: Marv from California

Marv sent us this picture with the following message: “65 degrees in november enjoyin a long island tis truely is the season”

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    Marv Says:

    Day 5 or day 6…. at this point I don’t know. Do I press forward or just stop this silly show. My stomach churns in pain, from the white russian I drank while it rained. Went to bed tonight at 9:00, but here I am just 5 hours later craving a wine. So I sit here alone, just me and the website. Trying to read the stories, but the snowflakes are obstructing my view with their flight. This silly challange is getting the best of me, I’m begining to pull out my hair. I didn’t think this would happen so soon, I’m starting to get scared.

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