Day 4

The weekend has been long and it was supple that this not die so soon. I received a text message from John half way through the day, “Drinks tonite?” and ironically at the same time my parents and some friends had been drinking throughout the day, questioning the hell out of what this “34 Days of Christmas” is. So I texted John back and told him to come by for some drinks. I also texted Marv, “come by for a drink at my house”, his response, “what kind of drink?”, me, “a good drink”, Marv, “OK!”. So Marv joined us as well.

I definitely think Marv and John were in for a surprise more than they expected, I was. My parents and their friends had been drinking since 12:20pm and were quite toasty. They questioned all of us on numerous things, including the legendary 34 Days of Christmas. Furthermore my mother and her friend Joyce are up for the 34DOC challenge. They pulled out their planners and started discussing how they plan on meeting for a drink everyday. I will keep updates I receive from them on their progress as well. Dave had to return to Minnesota later in the evening, but sent us a picture message of his beer for the day. So while friends part into different locations, the 34DOC does not fall, 30 days to go, don’t get scared now!

UPDATE: Dave from Minnesota

Day 3 - Dave’s Beer from the airportDave had to return back to Minnesota later in the evening, but he did not cop out, ordering his drink at the airport.  Here is the picture Dave sent us from the airport, along with the following message: “Who needs insurance policies!?  not this guy.”

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