Day 9

I love this. Right now I don’t know what else to say, but that. The 34 Days of Christmas, I think, has more meaning behind it than any of us ever anticipated. Day 9 - Danielle’s MargaritaThis event has brought some of the best times you have with friends, some of the best conversation, best laughs, and funny faces. If Christmas isn’t about all that, then you don’t have the spirit of Christmas in you! (and yes, its only been 9 days!)

Day 9 - Anthony’s MargaritaLast night was fairly mellow, but a perfect night, none-the-less. Danielle, John, and I met up at Applebee’s for the “perfect margarita” and awesome conversation. We actually stayed well beyond their closing hours. So headed over to Snooker’s, where Pete happen to be working. Day 9 - Happy JohnHad a chocolate martini, continued conversation, and kept it calm for the evening. This is the last day of November, and also the last single digit day. Here are some further updates…

Day 9 - Dave’s Early StartUpdate: Dave from Minnesota
Dave sent us this picture at around 3pm (his time), and here is his message that came with it, “Day 9 starts early”.

Update: Marv from California
Day 9 - I Marv, DrinkI’m not too sure what Marv was up to in California, but judging by his series of pictures that came through, he kept the spirit of the 34 Days of Christmas 3000 miles across the country. Marv, you’re a good man. Here are the photos he sent, chronologically, throughout the night.
Day 9 - Marv’s Busty White Russian
“White russian in the foreground white polock’s bust in the backgrond”
Day 9 -Marv’s Mission Complete

“Got booted from the hotel bar but not without takin some hostages”

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