Day 2

The 2nd day of this mischievious adventure started off at Mr. N. Galecki”s home.  We shared a few drinks and shots in the hospitality of Mr. N. Galecki.  After a few hours we decided to take our festivities out on the town.  Through some lost in confusion, we ended up splitting into two groups, half going to Mainstreet Billiards in Rochester and the other half to Royal Oak.  Here is a brief following of the two groups:

Rochester Group

John, Marv, Baldwin, Wes, P.J., and some others (not sure who, lets just call them “those people”) went to Mainstreet Billiards for a drink or 3.  If you were there and would like to fill in the stories for the night, please do so.

 Royal Oak Group

Anthony, Neil, and Jeff decided to go to Royal Oak.  We started the night off a little rough, realizing that none of us three could drive.  So Anthony’s sister came and picked the 3 of us up and took us to Royal Oak, knowing we had no ride home.  We started the night young at the Sky Bar, but soon led ourselves over to 5th Avenue.  It was really nothing special.  Sky was wickedly packed and 5th was similar.   Instead we headed over to Woody’s and drank some more.  Ran in to some old friends in the mix (from what I can remember).  Then as the night was closing we could find no ride home.  Neil made the crucial call to Ms. S. Wosik whom picked us up on the streets and took us in.  We giggled the night away, eating orange popcorn and cooking perogies (cooking them, which doesn’t necessarily mean they were eaten).  We woke up and eventually made it back home.  This night goes out to Ms. S. Wosik for her generous care and nuturing, we would have never made it through the night without her.   Thanks.

 (I still have pictures from the night to upload….please check back)

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