Day 1

The first day of the 34 days of Christmas has begun. At this moment I do not have the complete origins of the 34 days of Christmas in it’s entirety. Mr J. Kilburn has been slowly compiling the origins in his head, through drunken oblivion, the complete understands and details of the 34 days of Christmas will come out, in it’s true form. For now, here is a brief understanding:

Mr. J. Kilburn and Ms. D. Welchko through conversational thought intrigued their amusement with the thought of drinking everyday between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It also became apparent that there is a max of 34 days between Christmas and Thanksgiving. Ironic or not, (some call it fate) this year happens to be the maximum number of days, 34. So starting last night, after we all celebrated the joyous eating holiday of Thanksgiving, we indulged ourselves in the company and spirits of what has begun as the 34 days of Christmas. The concept also developed simple rules that makes this joyous occasion more fulfilling. For instance, in order to keep the consistency going, you must consume atleast one alcoholic beverage every day during the 34 days, further more, an insurance policy was developed as a contigency for the fact that most nights will elapse into the next day. If for some pressing reason a beverage can not be consume on the following day of a late night drinking festivity, the drinks consumed past 12 am can be carried over as drinks for the next day. The idea behind the next 34 days allows for friends to keep close, enjoy the laugh of one another, and celebrate the holiday season. Tis, the season to be jolly…

As for now that is all that I know of the 34 days of Christmas. This should enlighten you for the time being. As for now keep up to date with the stats of each consecutive night on the Stats page.

To get the ball rolling, Marv, Neil, John, Danielle, Dave, Pete, Lindsey, and myself met up at Snookers in Utica for the first night of many. We did not really have a camera on us to capture the night, but I took a couple pictures with my cell phone. So here is a few pictures of Day 1.

1123070014a.jpg 1123070014b.jpg 1123070104.jpg 1123070106.jpg

The perfect start to the 34 days of Christmas….


  1. 1
    Marv Says:

    Twas the night before Christmas and all through the bar a group of young misfits had predrank in the car. Now the shots were lined up in a row with care in hopes that they would have enough money to pay the cab fare. The group was nestled all tight and it was quite funny as they toasted their glasses and called out for a woah bundy. Now the clock just hit 12:00 and the liquor had left their cup when I look to my left kilburn dave and neil just threw up. As I gaze to my right I see a flash… Anthony took a picture of pete grabbing danielles ass. He promised by tomorrow the pix would be updated as lindsey posed for yet another one of her famous pix… ohh yea its X-rated! Now as I close out this jingle I never knew how much we all cared time for my last shot… I better not get scared!!

  2. 2
    Danielle Welchko Says:

    uh day 3 still drunk…still winning…72 hours still going strong…hooray! i am thankful for beer…happy holidays to all and to all a good night! love, Danielle mutha f*&^ing welchko!

  3. 3
    marv Says:

    Day 4, there’s 30 days left of the madness… I thought this would be a cake walk. I don’t think I’m prepared. For the good of the group I gotta stay strong…. I better not get scared

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